Addictive Behaviours and ADHD

Website Blockers

Website Blockers 

These software products and applications can help parents block certain websites to help their child stay on task when completing homework on the computer. These products can also be very helpful for adults with ADHD.

Our Suggestions:

The Effects of Cannabis Use During Adolescence

Research has shown that teens with ADHD are 1.5 times more likely to develop any type of substance use disorder. This article from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse summarizes the dangers of cannabis use during adolescence, particularly related to brain functioning and development.

Treatment for cannabis abuse is also discussed and include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and family-based therapies.

Substance Abuse Treatment Guide

An online resource that will provide answers to help you navigate the often confusing and intimidating process of looking for treatment options for substance abuse. This site offers answers to questions you might have about drug treatments. The guide is the result of extensive work between clinicians and addiction professionals and well worth checking out.

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