ADHD and Girls

High School Girls with ADHD

An accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for girls with ADHD is so very important in the challenging teen years. 

This article describes important differences that teenage girls with ADHD experience as compared to teens who donot have ADHD. Suggestions are given to help your teenage daughter manage ADHD and adolescence.

The Common Misconception That Leaves Many Girls With ADHD Untreated

The nationally representative survey of 1,883 people was conducted by Edelman Berland and fielded by Harris Interactive. Researchers looked at tween girls with ADHD ages 8 to 14, as well as mothers, adult women with ADHD, teachers and healthcare professionals, in order to examine the awareness around girls with ADHD.

This article looks at the results from this survey about what people think of when they think of ADHD, and how that might be leading to under-identification and under-treatment of ADHD in girls.