ADHD and Parenting

ADHD and Parenting

Parent child interactionParenting a child with ADHD can be very challenging. The more you know about ADHD and the more you understand your child's specific challenges the better you will feel about being able to support him or her.

Kids Do Well If They Can

Kids Do Well if They Can - Ross Greene Video Series

In this 8 video series, Ross Greene describes his underlying assumptions and the procedures used in “collaborative problem solving”. Parents and teachers may find these videos helpful for dealing with difficult behavior and lagging skills.

Empowering Parents

This comprehensive website offers expert advice on problem behaviors that parents may be experiencing with their child (e.g., defiance, aggression, communication issues etc.).

The website also has a parent blog and downloadable behavior charts for tracking and rewarding positive behavior.

Why Can't I Pay Attention?

“Why Can’t I Pay Attention?” is the story of Nicholas and his friends. It brings to life the struggles and successes experienced by children with different types of ADHD. We have used this resource for a number of years now and it is very popular.

Thank you to Shire Canada Inc. for their commitment to parent education and for generously providing this publication as a public service.

Parents of ADHD Children

Presented by Russell Barkley and CADDAC - In this video, Dr. Barkley discusses essential information that parents need to know for raising children with ADHD.

Treatment options and strategies are outlined including medication and behavioral and academic strategies. This specific video is titled The 30 Essential Ideas Every Parent Needs to Know.

This video and others for parents are available through the CADDAC website. 

Two Common Parenting Challenges

In this video, ADHD Coach, Elaine Taylor-Klaus explains, there are two common dynamics that trap parents, creating a roadblock that paralyzes any real progress. You may recognize yourself in one of these two scenarios. Almost all of us end up here at some point.

Recognizing where and why you are stuck is crucial to breaking through the paralysis, so you can effectively help your child.