ADHD and School Strategies

The ADHD Book of Lists: A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders

Rief, S. (2003). The ADHD book of lists : a practical guide for helping children and teens with attention deficit disorders. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. This book was written to provide a comprehensive list of resources, strategies and tools for K-12 teachers, parents, school psychologists, counselors and health professionals.

Teach ADHD Portal

This website is highly recommended. It provides teachers with relevant educational material that stems from current ADHD research.  The resources and materials have been developed specifically to bridge the gap between current neuroscientific understanding of ADHD and classroom practice.

Teach for Success. Teach ADHD: Teachers' Resource Manual

Martinussen, R., Tannock, R., Chaban, P. (2005). Teach for Success. Teach ADHD: Teachers' Resource Manual. Toronto: TV Ontario and SickKids Hospital. This is an excellent print resource for educators and parents to help them understand and support children with ADHD.  Practical information and strategies are provided to help educators rethink ADHD and how they support students with ADHD.