Apps for School

The Social Navigator App

By: Seven Minds

Cost: $6.99

This app was designed especially for children with ADHD and other social/behavioural difficulties. The Social Navigator can be used as a behavior-management device or as a teaching tool anytime your child is becoming agitated.

This app could help to reduce oppositional behaviors, improve communication skills, and develop greater social awareness for kids ages 6 to 16.


Where's My Water?

Where's My Water Icon

Where’s My Water?

By Disney

Cost: Free

This game provides experience with problem solving through several puzzles where the user has to move water through obstacles to provide a friendly gator with a shower. The user must identify the water source, the end goal (a pipeline to the shower), and the various challenges in the way (rocks, mud, pesticide, algae, fans, and more) before cutting a path through the dirt for the water to follow.

Audiobooks from Audible App

Audiobooks from Audible

Audiobooks Icon

By Audible, Inc.

Cost: Free

This app allows individuals to access audio books through an Amazon based app. Users have access to a range of 150,000 books anytime, anywhere. This app may be beneficial to individuals with ADHD who have difficulty reading. Reading along with the audio can also be helpful for children who are learning to read. - Dictionary and Thesaurus Icon Dictionary & Thesaurus


Cost: Free

This app is able to work offline and online to search for English words, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. Additionally, the app provides audio pronunciation of words, examples of words in sentences, and translation into 30 other languages. If the user is unsure of spelling, the app provides spelling suggestions for possible words. An excellent app for individuals with writing, spelling and vocabulary difficulties.

Graphophonics: Vocabulary App

Graphophonics: Vocabulary

Graphophonics Icon

By Logouplasis

Cost: $2.99

This app aims to help children ages 4 to 9 develop phonemic awareness through a simply spelling game of words from 5 different categories. Each word is presented with a picture and the child must align the individual letters to spell the word. As the child touches each letter the sound of the letter is given.

Touch and Write Phonics

Touch and Write App Icon

Touch and Write Phonics

By Fizzbrain LLC

Cost: $2.99

This app helps children practice their writing skills while learning the sounds of the English language, including vowels, blends, and digraphs. This app integrates visual, kinesthetic, and simulated tactile modalities to enhance learning and fun.


Simplex Spelling Phonics 1

Simplex Spelling Icon

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1

By Pyxwise Software Inc.

Cost: $4.99

This app helps students who struggle with spelling to learn over 450 high frequency English words. These words are divided into 42 lists based on spelling patterns and difficulty. Users have the option of listening to the individual sounds of the words as they learn how to spell them. Brief lessons are provided for each spelling rule and feedback is provided letter by letter.

Kidspiration App


Kidspiration Icon

By Inspiration Software

Cost: $9.99

This app helps elementary aged students learn to graphically organize and classify information, gain sight word knowledge and expand their ideas into written and verbal expression. This app can be used to organize written tasks, help with reading comprehension, and aid in the understanding of information by allowing students to classify, organize and sequence related pieces of information.

Quizlet App

QuizletQuizlet Icon

By Quizlet LLC

Cost: Free

This app allows students to create flashcards that can be used to study and learn new information. Students can make their own cards or search the Quizlet database for card sets on a wide range of topics.