General Information on ADHD

General Information on ADHD

ADHD BlocksThe best way to treat ADHD is to first learn about it. the more you know about ADHD and how it affects you and your child's life, the more confident you will feel in knowing what approaches to take to treat it.

This section provides general information about ADHD to help you get started in understanding the disorder and what you can do to know what the needs of your child or yourself.


Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Children’s Mental Health

Ontario Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) represents and supports the providers of child and youth mental health treatment services throughout Ontario. Our core membership consists of more than 85 accredited community-based children’s mental health centres that serve children and their families annually. Services are provided at no cost to clients.

This website provides links to other organizations involved in mental health care in Ontario.

ADHD and Driving

This web site by Dr Laurence Jerome in London, Ontario, is designed to allow clinicians to gather information about their patients driving history and current driving profile. It consists of the Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ), the World Health Organization Adult ADHD Self Report Scale of symptoms of Inattention and Impulsivity (ASRS) and the Driving Behavior Survey (DBS) by Professor Russell Barkley.
The Resource section contains educational videos that are helpful for patients and their families regarding the risk of untreated ADHD and driving.

消除有关 注意力缺陷或多动障碍的误区 - Dispelling Myths about ADHD (Mandarin)


重新看待注意力缺陷或多动障碍 - Reframing ADHD (Mandarin)


Portrait du TDAH

Portrait du TDAH - Dr Annick Vincent

In this brief video, Dr. Vincent provides an overview of AD/HD, the importance of getting assessed and treated to improve quality of life.

Video is in French.

Global Medical Education

This American website has many infograms on a variety of mental health issues. They offer medical education videos and content is written and presented by renowned medical experts in their respective specialties. GME looks for the best possible source to provide the most useful, evidence-based answers.

ADHD Infographic

Global Medical Education is a free online medical education resource that provides timely, unbiased, evidence-based medical education and online medical information from the world’s leading experts to health care professionals around the world.

GME has produced an infographic that provides a great visual resource for general information about ADHD.

Note: This infographic includes American statistics.