Lifestyle and ADHD

Lifestyle and ADHD

ADHD and lifestylePositive changes in lifestyle can make a big difference for children with ADHD. Ensuring that children have consistent sleep routines, regular exercise and a balanced diet will help provide the routine and structure that children with ADHD need to be successful throughout their day and have a sense of well-being.

Suzuki Superhero Challenge

When you join the Suzuki Superhero Challenge, you will receive a fun activity each week for four weeks that will help teach kids about environmental responsibility and connect them to the great outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps students do better in school by improving memory, problem-solving and creativity. Children who spend time in nature are also physically healthier and more likely to care for nature as adults. Good reasons to get outside!

Deep Sleep and Sweet Dreams

How did getting a good night’s sleep become so problematic for so many people? And even more important, what are the health consequences of not getting enough sleep? Some might blame it all on the invention of the light bulb as we no longer live life by natural day and night cycles. But are there other reasons?

GME has produced an infographic that provides a very visual resource on the dangers of not getting enough sleep and provides some advice on getting good sleep.

Note: This infographic includes American statistics.