Social Skills

Social Skills and ADHD

ADHD and social skillsChildren with ADHD often have difficulty with social skills because of their inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. A child that is more inattentive may not show unwelcome or aggressive social behaviors, but they may miss social cues. They may not know how to respond in certain situations because they have difficulty with paying attention while talking or playing.

The Social Express

Social ExpressThe Social Express has high quality engaging webisodes that teach foundational skills for social and emotional learning. For Preschoolers to Highschoolers, the research-based animated interactive lessons encourage users to practice real-life social interactions. The program can be used on your computer, use the iPad app or the interactive white boards.

Teaching Social Skills to Kids Who Don't Yet Have Them

This in-depth article by Thomas McIntyre (author of Teaching Social Skills to Kids Who Don't Have Them) talks about the importance of teaching social skills to children who struggle socially and not expecting them to intuitively know what is expected of them in any particular social situation. The information is written specifically for teachers, but may also be very helpful for parents.

Teaching through Thought Bubbles and Talking Bubbles

In this article, Michelle Garcia Winner talks about the importance of using visual strategies when teaching children social skills. Students can benefit from visual strategies that help transform socially abstract ideas into something more concrete. She specifically describes how to use visual talking and thinking bubbles to teach social thinking in a more concrete way.
Teachers may also find this article helpful.