Life Transitions

Transitions and ADHDTransitions can be stressful for youth who have ADHD. They often do better when their environment is structured and predictable. Transitioning to junior high, high school, post-secondary education or the workforce brings change into the ADHD families’ lives. Youth with ADHD may struggle to meet the increased demands in their new environment.

Transition to Post-Secondary

Youth who have learning disabilities and/or ADHD, who want to attend post-secondary, should start planning their transition to post-secondary education early (e.g., grade 9 or 10) and seek the help of their parents or other adults who can assist them.
At CanLearn Society, we have created a list of topics to consider, resources to check out and places to seek out assistance in this transition.

Occupational Profiles

This government of Alberta website provides occupational profiles for a wide range of careers.

Information provide for each occupation include duties, work conditions, personal characteristics, average salary, educational requirements, and related high school subjects.