General Information on ADHD

ADHD BlocksThe best way to treat ADHD is to first learn about it. the more you know about ADHD and how it affects you and your child's life, the more confident you will feel in knowing what approaches to take to treat it.

This section provides general information about ADHD to help you get started in understanding the disorder and what you can do to know what the needs of your child or yourself.


Recommended Videos:
This video provides teachers with basic information about ADHD. The information presented here may also be helpful to other professionals involved in the care and management of youngsters with ADHD and parents. It is presented by

Recommended Books: The ADHD workbook for kids : helping children gain self-confidentce, social skills & self-control / by Shapiro, Lawrence E. The ADHD workbook for teens : activities to help you gain motivation and confidence / by Honos-Webb, Lara. All dogs have ADHD / by Hoopmann, Kathy. Cory stories : a kid's book about living with ADHD / by Kraus, Jeanne R. The Family ADHD solution : a scientific guide to increasing your child's attention while minimizing parents / by Bertin, Mark.