Women and Girls

ADHD and girlsWomen and girls who have ADHD experience unique challenges. Often girls and women are diagnosed later in life as they do not show "typical" ADHD traits.

Girls with ADHD are often inattentive, but may or may not have obvious difficulties with the impulsiveness or hyperactivity. They may not show any behaviour difficulties as school. Some girls and women with ADHD by be described as daydreamers, while others are seen as tomboys and more socially outgoing.

Anxiety is a common experience in girls and women with ADHD as they often have difficulty fitting in with society's expectations for their gender. They may also experience anxiety due to the increased responsibility of taking care of a family.

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Recommended Books

Understanding girls with ADHD: How they feel and why they do what they do. By Kathleen Nadeau and Ellen Littman. - Addresses the needs and issues of girls with attentional problems such as why they are often undiagnosed and how they are different from boys. Looks at what their special needs are in school and at home.

Understanding Women With AD/HD. By Kathleen Nadeau and Patricia Quinn. - "Understanding Women with AD/HD" is a collection  of articles about ADHD in women. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of ADHD as it relates to women.

Raising Girls with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Daughters. By James Forgan. - This book provides expert information to empower parents to make decisions about identification, treatment options, behavioral strategies, personal/social adjustment, educational impact, and many other issues from preschool through high school. 

Attention girls!: A guide to learn all about your ADHD. By Patricia Quinn. - This is the first book written for 'tween' girls (ages 7-11) who have ADHD. It offers girls, their parents, and professionals practical tips and techniques for managing attention disorders and the many aspects of life that these disorders can affect. 

The Girls' Guide To AD/HD (Gr. 6-12). By Beth Walker. A wide spectrum of topics are covered to provide both technical and practical facts about ADHD. The information is comprehensive and tries to be conversational and teen-friendly. It is written from the viewpoint of Maddy, a fictional character with ADHD. Much of the book is  targeted to an adult audience and would make a good resource for parent or teachers.

Recommended Websites and Other Resources

ADDvance. This website offers information about attention deficit disorders for parents, teens, young adults, adults, and women and girls. www.ADDvance.com 

The secret life of girls with ADHD. By Ellen Littman, PhD. This article by Dr. Littman appeared in the December 2012 issue of Attention magazine and looks at how ADHD presents itself in girls.  Access PDF now.

ADD Women and Girls: Late Diagnosis, Little Treatment. By Maureen Connolly. This article appears on the ADDitudemag.com website and looks at why girls and women often go undiagnosed and untreated. Read now.