By American Academy of Pediatrics
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Using the Vanderbilt Scales published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ADHD Tracker makes completing and submitting a behavioral assessment easier for parents and teachers of children ages 4 through 18 years who have already been diagnosed and treated for ADHD.

This app helps track behavior patterns and ADHD symptoms using the NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Follow-Up, part of the American Academy of Pediatrics “Caring for Children with ADHD: A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians, 2nd Edition.”

This app is not a diagnostic tool. It can assist a healthcare team to monitor a child’s progress with ADHD treatment in school and at home, helping them gain a better understanding of how ADHD is impacting the child’s mental and physical health.

Improves communication with healthcare providers
Helps provide a more accurate evaluation

No option to scales other than the Vanderbilt.

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