ADHD Alarm (CP On Time)

By Cognitive Psychiatry

Cost: $3.99

This app is designed to help those with ADHD get to work, school or any other appointment in their day, or get to bed, on time every day. The app prompts the user to enter your personal bedtime, morning, or other routines, along with an estimate of time for each task in the routine. The app then asks you to enter the time of the appointment (or bedtime), and how late you were the day before. Based on this data, a formula will automatically set the alarm clock for the time that you need to start your routine, in order to be on time for your appointment or bedtime.


  • Easy to use
  • Can set multiple routines and alarms
  • Takes into account the users individual difficulties with time management
  • Prevents “snoozing”


  • Does not seem to appear that users can delete routines. Perhaps the next update will fix this problem.

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