This Canadian website provides entertaining and credible information on ADHD with a focus on adults with ADHD. TotallyADD provides practical information with a healthy dose of humour. For teachers, the information provided on this site can be very useful in understanding the lifelong challenges faced by their students with ADHD - and the hope for … Continue reading TotallyADD

Teach ADHD

This excellent Canadian website has many relevant resources for teachers. The TeachADHD project began at the Brain and Behaviour Research program at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and has evolved through the hospital's Community Health Systems Resource Group's "Teach for Success" initiative. Visit the Teach ADHD website now.

National Institute of Mental Health: ADHD (Spanish)

This webpage provides excellent information for parents who may wonder if their child has ADHD or if their child has recently received a diagnosis of ADHD. Information is provided about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for ADHD as well as conditions that coexist with the disorder. Suggestions for how to work with your child’s school … Continue reading National Institute of Mental Health: ADHD (Spanish)

ADHD Awareness Danmark (Danish)

ADHD Awareness Danmark arbejder for at fremme viden, forståelse og accept af børn, unge og voksne med ADHD og deres familier samt bidrage til et mere nuanceret billede af ADHD. ADHD Awareness Denmark works to promote knowledge, understanding and acceptance of children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and their families and contribute to a more … Continue reading ADHD Awareness Danmark (Danish)

Bookshare Canada

Bookshare Canada, the world’s largest online library for individuals with print disabilities, offers a wide range of books including bestsellers, novels, children’s books, mysteries, science fiction, nonfiction, foreign-language books, and more, direct from publishers. Bookshare is free if you qualify as a Canadian with a print disability. This can be of benefit if you have a … Continue reading Bookshare Canada