Touch and Write Phonics App

By: Fizzbrain LLC Cost: $2.99 This app helps children practice their writing skills while learning the sounds of the English language, including vowels, blends, and digraphs. This app integrates visual, kinesthetic, and simulated tactile modalities to enhance learning and fun. Pros: Provides explicit lessons on vowel sounds, blends, and digraphs. Makes writing fun by allowing … Continue reading Touch and Write Phonics App

Inspiration and Kidspiration Apps

By Inspiration Software Cost: Free to $9.99 These apps helps elementary to post-secondary aged students learn to graphically organize and classify information, gain sight word knowledge and expand their ideas into written and verbal expression. This app can be used to organize written tasks, help with reading comprehension, and aid in the understanding of information … Continue reading Inspiration and Kidspiration Apps

Evernote App

By Evernote Cost: Free to $24.99/year for Premium This app helps individuals stay organized, save ideas, and improve productivity. Evernote allows the user to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders. All of the notes are organized and are searchable on any device to allow for easy access. Evernote can start … Continue reading Evernote App