DropTime: A Pomodoro Timer
By XiaoZhou Su
Cost: Free

DropTime is a countdown timer that uses the Pomodoro technique. It sets up a loop sequence of timers and records how much time you spent on a task. The timer breaks down periods of work into intervals of your choosing. You can name the timers and arrange them in any sequence. An important interval to add is one for breaks or rest periods. If you alternate periods of work with breaks, you may be surprised at how much you accomplish. A great timer for keeping individuals with ADHD on task.


  • Add new timers and rearrange timers
  • Change timer interval and name (personalize)
  • Loop all timers for continuous work productivity throughout the day.


  • Free version includes advertisements
  • The break period plays music – unable to turn off (must mute volume on phone).

iOS users can search in the App Store for DropTime.