By Evernote

Cost: Free to $24.99/year for Premium

This app helps individuals stay organized, save ideas, and improve productivity. Evernote allows the user to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders. All of the notes are organized and are searchable on any device to allow for easy access.

Evernote can start out being a challenge to use, however, spend some time with it and you will find you will use it ALL the time! Tagging can be challenging, so here are some tips: Tag with the top three or four labels that you can think of, and then when you need it, you will easily find it.

Evernote also gives you an email account which you can use to forward items. If you have an email that you want to save, send it to your Evernote email address and in the Subject line, use ‘@’ to direct into an existing folder. Use ‘#’ in the subject line to tag the email as well.


  • Provides an organizational structure for an individual’s electronic files


  • Premium version requires a subscription

This app is “Available on everything you use every day”.

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