Treatments for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD should include a variety of approaches such as educational and parenting strategies, family therapy, lifestyle changes (e.g., balanced diet, exercise and sleep) and medication. When seeking treatments for ADHD, remember to consider whether the treatment has been validated through research. If the treatment is fairly new and does not yet have research … Continue reading Treatments for ADHD

Frequently Asked Questions Videos (CADDAC) – English and French

The 'Frequently Asked Questions' consists of a list of all the ADHD questions most frequently asked by patients, their families and physicians/colleagues.Each question is answered by a pool of Canadian experts in ADHD. These videos provide great information to parents and youth about several topics related to ADHD, including diagnosis, medication, non-medication options, and follow-up. … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions Videos (CADDAC) – English and French